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“We Finish What Nature Has Started”

K.B Gems, is a 3 decade old company which was established in 1988. With our presence in both Mumbai and Hong Kong, We, over the years have developed a very strong client base. Our principles and the will to excel have helped us grow consistently at a stable and healthy pace. Our strong banking principles and unmatched customer service make us key players in the market today. We strongly believe that we have what it takes to flourish in this ever changing industry.

At K.B Gems we have a unique setup with a perfect blend of In-house and outsourced activities which help us achieve the highest efficiency at lower costs , through which we are able to leverage the finest expertise available to our clients at the best possible value.

Our Ethics, transparency, consistency and commitment to the highest level of buyer satisfaction is what sets us apart.

We at K.B.Gems strive towards giving you the best possible grade of diamonds in specific ranges. We have GIA/IGI certified solitaires and Non-certified parcels in all shapes, colours and sizes. Feel free to email us your buy requests at info@kbgems.com

Founder's Vision

We believe that a company’s assets lie not on its balance sheet but in its Manpower. That is why we measure our Success not just by graph of profits but by the smiles on the faces of our people and clients. We do not only succeed for ourselves, but also to deliver positive benefits for our suppliers, customers, our employees, and the communities in which we work and live.


Diamond Education


A diamonds brilliance is determined by its cut.


Diamonds are created by tremendous heat and pressure deep within the earth.


When thinking of diamonds, many will immediately think of the classic round diamond shape.


The diamond’s color is evaluated based on the absence of color.


In the ancient world, carob seeds were used as a reference for the weight of individual diamonds.


Regularly inspect your diamond jewelry to spot a loose stone or bent prong before it's "too late."

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